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XBJ Automatic packaging palletizing production line

XBJ Automatic packaging palletizing production line

  • Technical Parameter

    1.Material character:Powder and particle

    2.Load: 25kg-50kg;

    3.Type of packaging bags:valve port and open bags

    4.Capacity:≥800 bags/h;

    5.Stacking craft:8 layers/stack,5 bags/layer,in the order of “2-3”or

  • Product overview:


    Our company has cooperated with Southeast University and other famous R&D institutions and invited Prof. Li Shutao Li from Hunan University who are the national Changjiang scholar and the winner of National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars to exploit automatic bagging and palletizing production line series products. With the support of “National key project for technology innovation fund of scientific and technological enterprise” and “Research and development projects for high and new technology in packaging”, this series have won the honor of “First set of equipment in Jiangsu province”, “National Light Industry Federation scientific and technological advancement prize”, “ National business scientific and technological advancement prize”, “China packaging technology innovation prize”, “Jiangsu high-tech products”, and “Yangzhou science and technology progress prize”. We have achieved 11 national patents.

    This series products consists of automatic bag uploading system,automatic quantitative packaging machine,sealing machine,conveyor,ladle-to-ladle machine,weight repeated detecting machine,sorter,shaping machine,ink-jet printer,stacking robot,pallet stock,full stack shaping machine and  winding machine, which can make sticky, ultralight and common powder quantitative packaging possible. And this machine can make the production of valve port and open bags packaging possible as well,such as paper-plastic composite packaging bags,fully paper bags, fully plastic bags etc.Its service covers the quantitative packaging and automatic stacking of food,chemical industry,construction materials,pigment,mineral industry etc..By the certification of national quality supervision department,this production line has high precision without powder pollution and high automation with up to 1000 bags/h speed of stacking.


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